About in Italy

Being a tourist does have its downsides. When you are new to the place, you are unfamiliar with their rules and regulations. It helps to get acquainted with the things you are not supposed to do when traveling to save yourself from disaster. 

If you are planning to visit Italy in the coming days, here are some of the things you should not do:

Do not sit in front of historical monuments and bridges

When you are traveling, it is normal to get tired and pause for a while. You might be tempted to sit down anywhere you are closest to. But if you are in Italy, learn to respect their historical areas. Never sit or lay down on them. 

Buy unauthorized tours

You will encounter unauthorized tours from sellers in the street and they come in cheap. Yes, we want to save but we also need to think about our safety. To prevent yourself from getting into trouble and unwanted hassles, only buy from authorized tour sellers. 

Never eat or drink in famous landmarks

The Spanish Steps is a great view and eating at such an ambiance seems fascinating. But don’t. Savor your meal in another area where you will not get into trouble. There are many other places you can go to that are equally attractive to eat at. 

Never lean or get too close to the Trevi Fountain

Who does not want to stay close to the Trevi Fountain? I mean, it’s a popular landmark. But due to the volume of visitors coming to this place, Rome officials are considering placing protective barriers to preserve the fountain. Save yourself and appreciate the Trevi Fountain from a distance. The future generation will thank you. 

Do not allow your mouth to touch the nasoni (public drinking fountain in Rome)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This includes cupping your hands under the spout to collect water to drink. Never let the nasoni touchur mouth if you don’t want trouble. 

Italy is a great place to visit. If you want to enjoy the country even more, make sure to follow these things you must not do. Getting in trouble in a foreign land is not a good experience. You are there to make memories, not to get locked up.