Destination Choices For Your Post-Pandemic Travel

Are you planning for post-pandemic travel? If you can choose the top best countries to visit, where would you go? To help you decide, here are some of our top choices:

Where to go for your post-pandemic travel?


England’s coastline is a serene place where locals and travellers can just spend a peaceful visit. How about a walk on a windswept pier, search for marine life, or eat fish and chips? You can also visit the picturesque beaches in the English seaside or just build sandcastles. Travellers will have an easier way to access in these activities since new sections of the English Coast Path continue to open. Once it is complete, the path will be the longest continuous trail in the world with almost 3000 miles.


How about a visit the south of Aruba in San Nicolas also known as Sunrise City. The city is known for its international and local adorning street walls and pop-up carnival experiences which extends the happy vibes beyond the annual festivities. Aruba has also extended its offer to be a testing hub for other countries’ renewable energy solutions and is implementing a ban on all single-use plastics and reef destroying sunscreens.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also in sustainable tourism. This small country’s biodiversity attracts tourists who love to find sleepy sloths in trees and whales in the Pacific. Costa Rican knows why it is important to preserve their tropical paradise while still making it inviting to tourists. Ninety per cent of the country’s energy is created by renewable sources. The country is also aiming to be the first carbon-neutral country in the world.