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About in Italy

Being a tourist does have its downsides. When you are new to the place, you are unfamiliar with their rules and regulations. It helps to get acquainted with the things you are not supposed to do when traveling to save yourself from disaster. 

If you are planning to visit Italy in the coming days, here are some of the things you should not do:

Do not sit in front of historical monuments and bridges

When you are traveling, it is normal to get tired and pause for a while. You might be tempted to sit down anywhere you are closest to. But if you are in Italy, learn to respect their historical areas. Never sit or lay down on them. 

Buy unauthorized tours

You will encounter unauthorized tours from sellers in the street and they come in cheap. Yes, we want to save but we also need to think about our safety. To prevent yourself from getting into trouble and unwanted hassles, only buy from authorized tour sellers. 

Never eat or drink in famous landmarks

The Spanish Steps is a great view and eating at such an ambiance seems fascinating. But don’t. Savor your meal in another area where you will not get into trouble. There are many other places you can go to that are equally attractive to eat at. 

Never lean or get too close to the Trevi Fountain

Who does not want to stay close to the Trevi Fountain? I mean, it’s a popular landmark. But due to the volume of visitors coming to this place, Rome officials are considering placing protective barriers to preserve the fountain. Save yourself and appreciate the Trevi Fountain from a distance. The future generation will thank you. 

Do not allow your mouth to touch the nasoni (public drinking fountain in Rome)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This includes cupping your hands under the spout to collect water to drink. Never let the nasoni touchur mouth if you don’t want trouble. 

Italy is a great place to visit. If you want to enjoy the country even more, make sure to follow these things you must not do. Getting in trouble in a foreign land is not a good experience. You are there to make memories, not to get locked up.

Destination Choices For Your Post-Pandemic Travel

Are you planning for post-pandemic travel? If you can choose the top best countries to visit, where would you go? To help you decide, here are some of our top choices:

Where to go for your post-pandemic travel?


England’s coastline is a serene place where locals and travellers can just spend a peaceful visit. How about a walk on a windswept pier, search for marine life, or eat fish and chips? You can also visit the picturesque beaches in the English seaside or just build sandcastles. Travellers will have an easier way to access in these activities since new sections of the English Coast Path continue to open. Once it is complete, the path will be the longest continuous trail in the world with almost 3000 miles.


How about a visit the south of Aruba in San Nicolas also known as Sunrise City. The city is known for its international and local adorning street walls and pop-up carnival experiences which extends the happy vibes beyond the annual festivities. Aruba has also extended its offer to be a testing hub for other countries’ renewable energy solutions and is implementing a ban on all single-use plastics and reef destroying sunscreens.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also in sustainable tourism. This small country’s biodiversity attracts tourists who love to find sleepy sloths in trees and whales in the Pacific. Costa Rican knows why it is important to preserve their tropical paradise while still making it inviting to tourists. Ninety per cent of the country’s energy is created by renewable sources. The country is also aiming to be the first carbon-neutral country in the world.

Guided Tours – Why It Makes Sense Today

When you travel do you take a guided trip? If you hesitate to take a guided tours, here are some reasons why it makes sense today:

Hesitant to take a guided trip?


Planning your trip can be time-consuming and frustrating. Make it easy when you have someone taking care of the flight bookings, hotel and transportation reservations, and the itinerary. Just get your things ready for the trip and remember to bring your necessary travel documents, and get to your transport on time.


While you let someone take care of the details, you still have an incredible variety of choices as to which guided trip to take. Tour operators can arrange your trip almost anywhere in the world. It is not easy to reach some remote destinations and prepping hard to arrange activities but you can depend on reliable tour operators to have it all ready for you. This allows you to have more choice than when working it alone.


While it does not guarantee total safety, travelling with a group on a guided tour prevents you from dealing with scam artists or thieves who prey on lone travellers. It is also a good choice when you have trained guides on mountain trails or places that might otherwise prove hazardous.

If you hesitate to take guided trips because you think it will cost more than going on your own, then consider the work tour operators need to arrange such as group discounts on flights, lodging, meals, and admissions to various attractions. Think about all the expenses to put it up, you may well find that a guided trip saves you money, provides the best value and good travel experience.

How Do You Go On With Your Travel Plans This Year?

It is so difficult to find advice these days on where and when to travel. Covid-19 has messed up our plans but it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the rest of the year. If you still have travel plans this year amid the pandemic, why not just travel locally. No need to travel abroad where you might end up being quarantined for the next 14 days which would just eat up all your vacation plans.

Look around your state and there may still be some places you haven’t been to or explored. However, even if you are travelling locally does not mean that you can just go out and be like how it was before. Since our circumstances have greatly changed and not for the better, it is important to know the restrictions and guidelines implemented in your area.

Does your government allow travelling to specific places? Is the area you are going to pack of people? What are the government guidelines for Covid-19? Will you need travel insurance? And all other questions or concerns you may have when you travel locally.

If you go on with your travel plans this year, make sure to keep everyone safe. Since the government has set the guidelines we should follow when we go out such as wearing a mask and social distancing make sure that you do-follow. We do not want to burden other people with our travel plans so it is necessary to follow whatever guidelines there is in your state so you can enjoy your next vacation.